Saturday, May 18, 2019

Tee it forward...

Next week, staff from the USGA will be out at Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club in order to rate our golf course for difficulty and playability.  This is done periodically as players, courses, equipment, and the game in general evolves over time.  We have had no major design changes since the last rating was completed.  Therefore, we would probably see only minor changes to the Course Rating, Slope Rating, and the handicap number on certain holes.

During the process, the USGA staff will also rate a potential set of "forward" tees.  So today we placed a "beta test" of these tee markers on the par 4's and par 5's.  At the moment, they simply look like an unpainted version of one of our RTJ I or RTJ II markers. 

The tees were placed at yardages recommended by the USGA during last season's course consulting visit.  These types of tees go by a variety of names: family tees, beginner tees, irons only tees, short course, etc.  While I am not crazy about any of these names, I love that the primary goal here is to increase the variety the golf course has to offer for a variety of player ability levels by laying out a course with an overall distance around 4,200 yards. 

Whether you have played the game for years but the swing is starting to slow down, or have a child in the junior golf program whose swing is just starting to speed up, or are somewhere in between.  We think this teeing option will be a lot of fun for a lot of players.

Potential new "forward" tee location on the 18th hole.
Tee it forward and have some fun playing Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club from a new angle. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Opening Day

Looks like the weather will cooperate with us for the first weekend of the 2019 season at Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club!  However, more cold, rain, and snow seems to be on the horizon for next week so get that first round of the season in while you can!

As was expected, damage from voles is the biggest issue winter gave us.  Those of you that have been around for a while know that it takes at least four solid weeks of work to breathe the life back into the golf course.  Because of the late spring, we were not able to get around the golf course until the middle of April.  That said, the crew has worked their tails off for the last two weeks to get the course in decent shape for opening.  Although, there is still a lot to accomplish to bring the course around we are relatively happy with where things are at.

In the coming days we will work to get the bunkers back into shape as well as continuing with a more detailed cleaning.  Please tolerate the equipment and the special projects as we work to get the course into peak season condition as quickly as possible.

Bring on the warm weather and sunshine!

Thank you.