Friday, June 30, 2017

Where did June go?

Somewhere between the US Open, the random thunderstorm, and this morning's frost delay I lost track of June... I will call that a good thing because time seems to speed up when the summer crew reaches mid-season form!
This month there have been many exciting happenings...  It was never a dull moment with near record crests and flows in the Gros Ventre River, we had our Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary recertification site visit, and we have started rehabilitating problem bunkers in addition to our usual practices to keep JHGTC looking good and playing great! 
We all know and love that JHGTC is a refuge for the larger ungulates in the area: deer, elk, moose, and bison.  It may take some looking, but there is an even more impressive collection of diversity with our finer feathered friends out here!  From osprey to mountain bluebirds, and killdeers to kestrels many bird species call the golf course home as well.  Below is one of my favorites you may see out there.
Violet-green Swallow
See you in July!