Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Winter Trail Update

As most of you have noticed, this December has been much different than last year when it comes to snowfall.  On this date last year, the snowpack on the golf course was almost two feet!  Meanwhile, it is about two inches out there now... hopefully, this storm cycle produces more!

As is our typical practice, we will wait until the average snowpack on the golf course is 8"-12", at which point we will begin "packing" the trail with a snow machine and roller compactor.

Last season, we learned many "do's & do not's" in our first year operating the Ginzugroomer and tracksetter.  Perhaps the most important is how vital it is to have a firm trail of at least 12" deep of packed snow before we begin setting a track.  This ensures that the grooming equipment will not dig through the snow and damage the turf beneath.  Therefore, we will begin the finishing grooming and tracksetting when the depth of the packed track averages 12".

You may also notice some small changes to how the trail travels through the golf course.  The goal of these changes is to produce the best possible skiing product.  In order to make this happen the trail will travel over more "fairway" acreage this year.  Because of this we may see a slightly higher incidence of "winter kill" in fairway areas next spring, but nothing that a little early spring TLC won't take care of.

I will continue posting updates as the trail takes shape this winter.  For now, pray for snow!