Saturday, October 14, 2017

Closing Weekend & Irrigation System Winterization

This morning we arrived to a golf course with 5.25" of fresh snow on top of it!  We seemed to be right on Mother Nature's schedule for closing the golf season... Hopefully, the snow melts and we will be able to get in that last round tomorrow!

Please keep in mind that beginning October 16th the golf course will be closed to all foot traffic until the Nordic Ski Track opens.  This is to allow our winterization processes to be as effective and efficient as possible.  Furthermore, we will be treating the golf course with fungicides to prevent snow mold infestations.  The fungicides we use have various properties so to prevent any inadvertent exposures, please refrain from walking on the golf course during this period.

We are scheduled to winterize the irrigation system 18th-20th of next week.  Our goal is to work on holes #1-#8 on Wednesday the 18th, holes #12-#18 on Thursday the 19th, and holes #9-#11 on Friday the 20th. 

If your home's irrigation system is connected to the golf course irrigation system, you are welcome to use the system's air pressure to winterize your irrigation system.  Please keep in mind that the golf course is not responsible for the winterization of homeowner irrigation systems.   We will provide air pressure just as we provide water during the summer season, but are not responsible for any repairs and maintenance.  If you have any questions please contact the golf maintenance facility at (307) 733-7802.

Thank you.