Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day & Frost Delays

It is a beautiful day for all of you holiday golfers out there!  I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy a round of golf or whatever your favorite Memorial Day past time may be!

In addition, with earlier starting tee times on the horizon, I would like to remind everybody about the potential for morning frost delays.  Our beautiful corner of Wyoming is blessed to only enjoy an average of 37 frost free days a year.  That said, it is possible for us to experience a frost delay any month of the year. 

The following is a video about frost delays from the USGA Green Section...

If we do happen to experience a frost delay, please enjoy an extra cup of coffee or a few more practice swings. The Pro Shop and Maintenance personnel will work diligently to minimize as much as possible any impacts on members and guests.

Furthermore, I will also be posting frost delay updates on this blog an hour before the first official tee time of the day.  So stay tuned for the latest and greatest in frost news!

Thank you. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Course Care Videos

This winter I stumbled across the library of informative videos that the USGA created to help educate golfers.  These are great videos that range from reminders about player etiquette to information on the how and why behind various maintenance practices.  Please check out the following videos.  If you are interested in seeing more, an internet search for "fore the golfer" will yield many more videos on a variety of topics.

Golfer Etiquette Around Maintenance Personnel...
Repairing Ball Marks...
I appreciate the assistance in keeping our employees safe and our greens smooth.  I will post more of these educational videos throughout the season when the information aligns with what is happening on the golf course.