Thursday, March 12, 2020

Moose Day 2020 - Report

JHGTC staff were happy to volunteer with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation for another inventory of the area's moose population.  This year "Moose Day" was on Saturday, February 29th.  We were successful in spotting 5 moose on and around the property!  Many thanks to Greg Dillard, Assistant Superintendent, and Randy and Robyn Reedy, area residents, for helping cover the territory.

In winter, we estimate that moose are almost daily visitors to our 270+ acre property.  Therefore, we are always very excited to participate in this yearly count.  It is something of an Easter egg hunt at the club for our long-legged, unofficial mascots! (Only once in my tenure at the club have we been "skunked" on Moose Day!)

Surveying on # 11; moose tracks, and one of the females observed.
Overall, 100 volunteers in 32 different teams logged 350 hours and counted 127 moose!  The teams covered a large portion of Teton County: from Arizona Creek in Grand Teton National Park to the north, east out the Gros Ventre River drainage, west to Alta and south to the county boarder.

The moose observed seemed to be in great shape.  Only one injured animal was spotted.  And there were no reports of moose with signs of ticks (rubbed fur) or carotid artery worms (nicked ears).

Special thanks to Frances Clark, Moose Day Coordinator, for the organization and data!

Spring Operations Update

This week our staff started applying a carbon product to the putting greens that attracts more sunlight and helps snow melt more rapidly.  In addition to exposing the putting surface earlier to catch some more sun and speed green up, it also helps amend the soil.

#10 green melting quickly under sunny conditions
The beginning of this process usually triggers the end of our winter trail grooming.  While the grooming equipment for the classic track is unable to operate in these conditions, we will still attempt to smooth the trail tomorrow afternoon when the snow surface thaws.

Just like at the ski resorts this time of year, freeze/thaw cycles lead to snow conditions on the trail that are variable at best.  Please stay safe out there!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Spring Grooming Update

With rising temperatures and winter coming to an end, adjustments will be made to the route of the groomed trail.  Beginning tomorrow, the trail will only be groomed on the north side of Spring Gulch Road.

This accomplishes two important things.  For one, it allows us to extend the grooming period of the season because as the roadways clear it becomes increasing difficult and unsafe for the staff to cross the roads with grooming equipment.  In addition, suspending grooming operations south of Spring Gulch Road helps us minimize disturbances to the local moose population.

This is a critical time of year for moose and other ungulates as their winter reserves are depleted, and they are still struggling to travel and find forage in deep snow.  In general, please be extra mindful not to disturb wildlife during this important period for their winter survival.

Female moose bedding on Saturday (2/29/20) in the Gros Ventre River bottom off #11 south of Spring Gulch Rd.  
[not pictured, a yearling moose bedded down about 15 yards away from this female in the brush]

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Grooming Suspended

The weather station just made it above 0 degrees Fahrenheit!

Because we did not reach our 5 degrees Fahrenheit by noon threshold, grooming operations have been suspended for the day to ensure the safety of our staff.

Normal operations will resume the next day temperatures allow.

Stay warm.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Grooming Update -- Moose Traffic

This morning there are two moose within 20 yards of the ski.  The morning grooming was adjusted in order to leave these animals undisturbed. 
Adult female feeding near the ski trail on #5 by the fairway bunkers

#12 ski trail in the foreground, adult female moose feeding on willows in the distance
Closer view of feeding on willows near the trail on #12 and #13
We will attempt another lap around the trail mid-morning in order to groom if these animals have moved.  As always, please keep dogs leashed and respect the wildlife.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Trails Update

With very little snow last night the ski trails and classic track looked pretty good during the morning track inspection:

In addition, three moose were seen within 25 yards of the trail this morning.  One adult female feeding near #17 tee box along with one adult female and one female yearling bedding near #1 green.  Please give be mindful of wildlife on while enjoying the trails.

Thank you. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Nordic Track Update

The JHGTC Nordic Track will be open to members and their guests on Wednesday, December 18th.  Staff will groom the track twice per week and any time we receive more that 4 inches of snow.  As a reminder, dogs are welcome but please use a leash and clean up after them.  To access the track, simply park in the main lot at JHGTC and use the pathways to access the track via the driving range area.

As many of you are aware, large numbers of elk migrate through the golf course this time of year to reach their winter feeding grounds.  In addition to elk, we have spotted moose, deer, and bison recently during our track preparations.

Please give wildlife the right of way as winter is a critical time of year for their long term survival.